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How Perpetual Can Help

Our experience designers and producers work directly with you, your family, and friends to source content and create a remembrance video that is sharable through multiple channels. 

Share the story of your loved one

In addition to or in place of a physical funeral, Perpetual works with families to create a custom digital life celebration event that attendees can join live whether they are near or far.

Bring people together from all over the world

We create digital memorials that are engaging, interactive, and accessible anywhere anytime. Digital memorials can tell the story of loved ones beyond an epitaph and prompt engagement for generations. 

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Hold onto the stories of your family

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At Perpetual, we recognize the difficulties of having a loved one pass.  You are bombarded with countless decisions in the midst of grief, and on top of that, there is pressure to plan a way to remember someone's life.  Pressure to create something that remembers them in way that honors their life and legacy. 

Perpetual exists to carry you on that journey.  To make sure your loved one is remembered in a way that honors their life today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Package and Pricing

We know this can be a difficult time, which is why Perpetual experience designers and producers work with you to facilitate and manage the whole process. Let us take care of the hard stuff.



"Perpetual made the process so easy. From start to finish, they walk you through everything and helped create an absolutely beautiful experience to remember my mom."

- Aaron Cooper

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Have questions?  Want to speak with a Perpetual Experience guide?

Aaron's Story

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Wow. Just wow. Incredible. Experiencing a funeral service this way makes it so much more rich and lasting. A way to actually bring me closer to you. Through your mom. Who I never met. Also allowing it to live on, be available for future reference, and also present content in a new fresh way. SUPER COOL.

- Chad T.

My mom sent me the link to your Mom's Perpetual Memorial and I just had to share with you how much I enjoyed it. I didn't know her well, but the video was so well done and such a great way to share her life that I feel like I really knew her. Even if/when there can be a live service, this would be such a beautiful way to preserve someone's memory.

- Susannah B.

Thank you for the wonderful Perpetual Experience of the life of your strong and amazing mother. I was unable to join at the assigned time but was so thankful to watch later that evening. It surpassed any memorial experience I’ve ever attended. I’ve gone back several times to experience it yet again.

- Cathy H.

How grateful I am for the moving and joyful Perpetual remembrance you created. Even though I was miles away, I felt your presence and love. The ceremony was a kind and valuable gift, thank you.

- Shelly G.

An interactive website that lives on to tell the story of your loved one, share their celebration of life event, and allow friends and family to contribute memories and messages for years to come.

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Perpetual will design and host a digital Celebration of Life for your loved one. We will create an event that matches you and your loved one's beliefs. We will work with you, your family, and friends to collect content (readings, eulogies, music, messages, etc.) to create a highly personalized event to celebrate your loved one.  

Perpetual will be there every step of the way to handle logistics, technology, and everything else that will make your event special.

Celebration of Life Event

Perpetual will work with you, your family, and friends to collect images and videos that our designers will use to create a slideshow of your loved one's life that can be shared during the Celebration of Life event and on the Digital Memorial.

Video Slideshow

Professional videographers will hold 3 half-day shoots in cities and locations of your choosing.  Readings, eulogies, music, or remembrances can be captured with professional video and sound in locations that were special to your loved one.

Professional Video Shoot

Perpetual will capture interviews, photos, videos, and more to create a truly memorable custom documentary about the life of your loved one.  

Life Documentary


Starting at $30,000

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Celebrate loved ones with engaging virtual memorials and a documentary of your loved one that will last generations
Our packages typically start at $30,000 and include a documentary of the life of your loved one.